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Book a home training session

Visits can be arranged on the telephone, through messenger, via text, by email or through our website.​

In each case your point of contact will be Susi in the Think Equus office and she will ask you for a few background details about your horse such as age, breed, previous training as well as your postcode and contact details. Susi may need to call you if she requires further information.

Once a date and time has been agreed and Susi has all the relevant information, you will be sent the total price for the visit along with our bank details. Once you receive this, it’s important that payment is made as soon as you can.

Payment confirms the visit and secure's your place in our diary. Delayed payment may mean you’ll lose that date to someone else and will have to re-shedule.


What's Involved


On average visits last between 90 mins and 2 hours but this very much depends on your horse’s requirements. Naturally, some horses need more time than others while some may make a break through much quicker.​

When Michael arrives (be ready, he is always on time!) he will first of all talk to you about your horse’s history including any relevant, veterinary treatment or previous training you may have engaged in.

​He’ll then, ask you to show him what you are experiencing and what you’d like to work on to improve things. With ridden problems Michael will need to see you riding your horse first in both walk and trot.  


Next, Michael will begin his work with your horse and as you begin to see your horse’s progress he’ll explain what he is doing and the psychology behind why it works.

As things improve and once Michael has established a change, he will hand your horse back to you and then coach you on how to keep things on track going forward.

Lastly Michael will leave you with homework to follow so that you can continue and consolidate what has been achieved during the session.

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