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Michael Peace

Training and behaviour consultant

Michael Peace has worked professionally in the equestrian industry for nearly four decades and every year has the privilege of working with more than 500 horses and their owners across the UK and beyond.  Known predominantly for his success with young and problem horses, he is also an accomplished rider and instructor renowned for improving partnership and performance in both horse and rider alike. His understanding and knowledge of horses along with his affinity, dedication and professionalism make him the only choice for people looking for the best positive outcomes for their horse.


The transformation in my horse has been beyond expectation


Home Training Sessions

Michael travels across the UK each and every week so can usually be with you within 7 days of your enquiry.


You can also schedule a visit for later in the year if you require more notice.

Seeing Michael in action was a revelation, his calm and quiet nature was perfect, a true professional who knows his job!

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