Michael Peace - Horse Loading and Travelling Problems

Horse Loading and Travelling Problems

This is probably one of the most common problems Michael deals with during a home visit. Horses who have had bad experiences with loading seriously limit their future potential when they refuse to load. Michael’s non-confrontational approach and his innate ability to understand what a horse is thinking, quickly changes a horse’s perception from on of negativity to that o f acceptance. Using just his long rope and a standard head collar, Michael is able ot help horses overcome their fears without the use of pressure.

On occasions, Michael is asked to help with horses who have a phobia with travelling. These horses may be completely happy to load, but then react badly as soon as the vehicle begins to move. Pin pointing the trigger for this behaviour is the key to solving the problem and in most cases a programme of systematic desensitisation is necessary to resolve it. Sometimes it can simply be a case of reconfiguring the setup of the transport to suit the horse’s needs.

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Watch the Michael Peace video: Loading a young horse

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