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“Of all the advice I’ve been given yours has definitely been the most effective”
Clare Dunn

“Having Mike to visit was definitely the best money I have spent on my horse… I am pretty sure I would haveended up selling him without Mike’s visit but am really enjoying him now”

“Michael showed Alex how to deal with Arielle’s spooky situations in such a constructive way and Alex has finally found her confidence again”

“I cannot tell you how over the moon I am and glad I made the call and even more glad that my friend bought me your book”

“Sophia and CP are doing really really well together now and have got bags more confidence”

“I’m on a real high, Acarus is wonderful and you’re doing a great job with him. I’ve already sent everyone I can think of the pictures so thanks so much for taking those. He looks so happy and confident and I couldn’t have wished for a better start for him”

“My friend read your article and I had obviously told her about your visit and on Sunday she bit the bullet and hacked her horse out on her own for the first time in 7 years (not a mis-type – 7 years) How inspiring is that!”
Chris Wickham

“Just to let you know bella is still loading! Followed your advice and have been loading her through ever since she has been really good”

“Just wanted to thank you for today. I learnt a lot and also importantly got a road-map for what I need going forward!… Today gave me a big kick up the backside as to where I need to be going and how much more effective I can be”

“It’s very rare to hear some one speak of 50/50 partnerships with horses and really mean it…. I’ll definitely be recommending “Think Like Your Horse” to other people in the field. In fact, I already have!”

“…when the Farrier came out on Friday there were no problems at all, she calmly stood there and took it all in her stride. WITHOUT SEDATIVE – my Farrier was astounded! I was so happy I could have cried!”

“…I then went for a short hack. Past the road works at the end of the drive, and past the very scary place where we have always come unstuck. He really took no more encouragement than a quick flick with the reins and a timely pat. FANTASTIC!!!!!”
Celia (And Celia’s Husband who now has a very Happy Wife!)

“I wish all horses could be started by you and I wish all of us “horsey people” could think like you!”

“I have boxed Adelo on my own, every day since, without resorting to the loop or any hassle. The David and Goliath days seem to be over at last. No new bruises….
Everyone I speak to here (and in the UK) is amazed by the results and lack of gimmicks and showmanship”

Jo Smith

“I followed your programme, and within 3 weeks was able to clip her whilst she ate hay in her stable, completly relaxed, Thank you very much”
Sue, Emma and most of all Sapphire

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