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My career history so far…

CV-Timeline For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be around horses, but to this day I don’t really know where the need began. There was no history of horses in our family. However, since day one, I have ridden literally thousands of horses from all walks of life.
1984 British Racing School in Newmarket as an apprentice jockey (against my parents’ wishes!).
Apprenticeship with Newmarket trainer Michael Jarvis which laid the foundations of my current skills.
1986 CV-TimelineWorked for Luca Cumani often riding those horses that nobody else wanted to ride, acquiring the name ‘Curer’. And then I started to grow, with a career as a jockey looking increasingly unlikely.
Looked after and rode Kahyasi as a 2 year old colt, who went on to win the 1988 Epsom Derby.
1987-90 Witney College in Oxfordshire
Received Student of the Year award and achieved a distinction.
CV-Timeline 1990-91
Worked for champion trainer Noel Hicky, Arlington, Florida and Golden Gates, San Francisco.
1990-91 CV-TimelineRiding up to ten horses a day and handling racing fit horses at the track takes my understanding of horses to the next level.
Met an inspiring jockey called Sean McCarthy.
1991 Australia
Freelance racetrack rider and assistant to a number of racehorse trainers.
CV-Timeline 1991-93
Head Lad for Matt McCormack when he had the biggest win of his career with ‘Royal Ascot Jersey Stakes’ winner, Prince Ferdinand.
1993 Freelance trainer
Focussing on youngsters and problem horses.
1995 Part-time lecturer at Witney College
Demo rider for Monty Roberts who awarded me one of only 10 Advanced Professional Certificates.
1997 CV-TimelineDenmark
Met Nick Elsas, Chairman of the Danish Jockey Club and demonstrated at Denmark’s elite National Equestrian Centre Vilhelmsborg and later at Herning.
1998 Established own successful business as horse trainer.
Publication of first book ‘Think Like Your Horse’.
1999 CV-TimelineHeather Moffett introduced me to Lesley Bayley, who was then the editor of ‘Your Horse’ magazine, for which I wrote features for 3 years each month. Lesley consequently got the publishing deal for the first book, which was published in 2000.
2000 BBC 1 TV with Animal Hospital and Rolf Harris.
Produced Video ‘Think Like Your Horse’.
2001 Cambridge University Lecture/Demo for Vetinary Students.
Equus event London Docklands.
Business Talk for C.I.P.D at Keele University.
2002 CV-TimelineEquus Event London Docklands with I.L.P.H.
Staff training with the Metropolitan Mounted Police
New book ‘The Q & A Guide to Understanding Your Horse’
Business Talks.
2003 Seminar for Metropolitan Mounted Police’s annual conference.
Equine Event Stonleigh with Metropolitan Police.
2004 B.E.T.A International 2004 N.E.C. Birmingham. Managed Horse Demonstration arena and gave several Demonstrations.
Produced ‘Think Equus Approach to Clipping’ Dvd.
2005 B.E.T.A International 2005 N.E.C. Birmingham Managed Horse Demonstration arena and gave Demonstrations largest programme ever at B.E.T.A.
2005 CV-TimelineGame Fair Belvoir Castle
New Book ‘100% Horse’.
2006 Game Fair Broadlands Hampshire
‘Think like Your Horse’ book now in 12 languages.
All three books now best sellers.
2007 All Fares demonstration, Dubai.
2008 Countrychannel.tv
Horse and Rider start monthly features.
South Africa to work with top Tb Stallion that was not covering mares, now many foal due for 2010.

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