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Think Equus Store

Michael Peace - Think Like Your Horse Think like your horse

Imagine if you could see the world through your horse’s eyes, if you could understand life as he experiences it, and if you could begin to use this knowledge to forge a lasting bond and true partnership with him. Imagine no longer. This unique, practical approach to training your horse will take you step-by-step from getting your horse’s attention through encouraging him to learn and on to maotivating him each.

Michael Peace - The 100% Horse
The 100% Horse

Michael Peace offers step-by-step advice on how to unravel your horse’s hang-ups. His approach is based on sympathetic techniques that tap into a horse’s natural reactions, and as such is simple and effective. He goes back to basics, and build up gradually, so that neither you nor your horse will face challenge you will not cope with. His success has led to him working with the Metropolitan Mounted Police to enhance their programme for producing completely unflappable horses. With Michael’s help, you too could help your horse overcome his fear and meet new situations calmly.

Michael Peace - Q&A Guide to Understanding Your Horse Q&A Guide to Understanding Your Horse

Building on methods first explored in Michael peace’s successful Think Like Your Horse book, this new question and answer guide provides riders with easy to follow techniques for building a better relationship with their horse.

Comprehensive case studies with sequenced photographs show how you can increase your understading of your horse without having to fall back on bullying tactics.

Think Equus Approach to Clipping (DVD) Think Equus Approach to Clipping (DVD)

During this hour long DVD Michael takes a horse who has become completely phobic of the clippers and shows just how with the correct presentation, his approach can transform a horse’s perspective from one of total negativity to that of complete acceptance. It looks like magic but as you watch Michael work through each stage and explain his step-by step procedure, it all appears completely logical Michael explains “…all I’m doing is enabling the shift in perception necessary for the horse to consider and ultimately overcome his anxieties”

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