Tom Burch – Case Study

Tom Burch is a farrier who contacted Michael because a horse he was shoeing was nervous and consequently difficult to shoe.

“Michael was recommended to me, and so we arranged for him to come and spend an hour with the horse before I was due to arrive to shoe him. He focused on getting the horse happy with his presence and showing him how to stand in the most comfortable position to be shod. Then he got me involved, and there
was no drama throughout the whole shoeing process  it all went smoothly because Michael had calmed the situation down.

Some time later, about 18 months or so, I came across a similar horse, so I was able to recommend the owner called Michael out to help. Michael got the same results from this horse, and now both horses are calm to shoe.

I was impressed with Michael’s quiet manner and genuine niceness, and this was a much better route to go down than sedation.”

Tom Burch

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