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Case Histories

If you’re thinking of asking Michael to get involved with your horse, then why not spend a few minutes browsing our case histories to hear how Michael has helped other people in similar situations to yours – straight from the horse’s mouth – so to speak!

You’d be surprised at how often we come across the same issues. Of course some of the details are different in each case, but the underlying problems that the horse and owners are having are usually pretty similar. It can be amazing how involving Michael can transform a nightmare situation into one of pure pleasure. But don’t just take our word for it, this is what Andrew Hanson has to say about Michael…

“How would I describe Michael? He’s a bloody magician! He listens to people, has a wonderful – yet simple – approach and a quiet nature. He is unassuming and quite clearly has a gift.”

Why not read all of Andrew’s case study, plus you will find other case studies in the navigation to the right of this page.

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